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Welcome to Duryea, Pennsylvania

Within these pages you will find information and pictures of all kinds pertaining to the History of the Borough of Duryea and the people who settled there right up to the people residing there in the early 1960s. If it relates to Duryea, PA, most likely we have something about it.

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    Duryea was incorporated as a Boro in 1901, prior to that it was called Marcy Township, after Zebulon Marcy. Zebulon is also credited with being the first European Settler. Duryea's roots go all the way back to the first human inhabitants of the area. Native American tribes lived near the junction of the Lackawanna and Susquehanna Rivers beginning several thousand years ago. An Archealogical dig in the Coxton area recently unearthed artifacts of these early Native American inhabitants.

    The town was named after Hiram Duryea, an official of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company and Civil War General. The railroad owned many of the mines in town. The Lehigh Valley Railroad operated extensive yards in the Coxton section. Prior to being incorporated as a borough in 1901, it had also been known as Babylon after a coal operation. (Some say it was called Babylon because of the various languages spoken by the many European inhabitants by that is not true.)

    Although mostly farm land in the 19th century, coal mining changed the face of Duryea in the late 1890s and early 1900s attracting many eastern European immigrants.

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